Content and structure

With “Merry Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas“ 1.0 the reader has the opportunity to gain first knowledge about dog fitness and to effectively consolidate and deepen existing experiences and knowledge.

The first part will describe the special features of fitness training for puppies and young dogs, different training types such as isometric exercises, impulse training, balance and coordination training will be explained, as well as the good reason behind the training of body perception and body awareness will be highlighted.

Five further pages will describe necessary training equipment or alternatively also everyday household appliances which can be used in the dog-fitness training. It is not absolutely necessary to additionally pay through the nose to invest money in dog-fitness training and the equipment.

Fundamental principles will be explained to not overwhelm the dog in the training. Primarily, it will be shown how dog and owner can work on fitness exercises and celebrate success together in order to strengthen and extend the human-dog-relationship.  After that the readers are well prepared for the dog-fitness training and can start with the exercises.

“Merry Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas“ 1.0 describes 24 dog-fitness exercises (contemplated for the time between the 1. and 24. December) which are analysed and described in small sub-steps. All exercises are marked as “fitness doors“. Additionally, each exercise will be accompanied by pictures to guarantee a correct structure and an accurate performance.

All exercises can, of course, be started and repeated independently from the season of the year.


If you want to use a printed version there is an exercise described with words and pictures on each double page. I recommend colour laser paper A4/ 100g for printing.