The idea behind Merry-Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas

In search of an appropriate Advent calendar for her dog Kinga, Anita Techt, owner of the dog-fitness school HundFIT, made the experience that there are primarily only Advent calendars where you can open doors and in which treats are hidden. So, the idea was born to create a dog-fitness Advent calendar as an alternative.

“Merry Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas“ 1.0 is an exclusive high-quality workbook (digital version) suitable for dog owner, who want to start a fit dog’s life with their puppies and young dogs but also healthy grown-up dogs during the pre-Christmas period. It is also suitable for grown-up dogs, for senior dogs and overweight dogs which have NO pre-knowledge of dog-fitness training.

Dog fitness, to make a healthy fit life possible for the dog, becomes more and more important among dog owners. Anita Techt’s enthusiasm belongs to the health and fitness of all dogs, not just her own.  Merry Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas was born with a lot of love, passion and lifeblood but also with a lot of time and effort in order to fill the pre-Christmas period with time and fitness spent together instead of treats.

Merry Fit-Mas, together fit for Christmas appeals not only to dog owners who see their four-legged friend as a fully-fledged family member and want to make their dog a present in the Christmas time, but it is also suitable as a gift for dog owners – especially because of the personal dedication on page 2 of the Advent calendar.

Gifted time, which is spent together and also used for the health and fitness of the dog, is probably one of the most wonderful things you can give your dog. “

Anita Techt

Turn the Advent days of your four-legged friend into festive animal fitness days.